The 3 Best Hunting Gear for the Winter Season

The 3 Best Hunting Gear for the Winter Season

We are experiencing some weather issues this late summer, and indications are we might be in for a tough winter too. Autumn hunting season 2017 calls for taking extra precautions and selecting the best Heat Hactory clothing that keeps the body warm. Your search for the best hunting gear and protective clothing starts right here on this page. These tips are courtesy of Papa’s Warehouse, proud suppliers of proven warming products for when out hunting, skiing, or camping.

1. Use the Best Hunting Gear to Protect Your Extremities

Warmth escapes a hiking tent each night when we leave the flap open while we step outside. With our bodies, heat goes walkabout through any part exposed directly to the air. Our feet, and hands especially are vulnerable, as they do not have much natural insulation over them. Our FIRST TIP is to stock up on disposable foot and hand warmers, so you never run short of the best hunting gear for the winter season.

2. Protect Your Sensitive Head and Neck from the Chilly Cold

Our heads and necks are great energy conductors too. In summer, we enjoy the sun beaming down on them preparatory to warming our bodies. Heat escapes from our necks and heads just as fast. So our SECOND TIP for the best hunting gear for the winter season is wearing a turtleneck or scarf, and keep your collar tightly buttoned up!

3. Sleep Comfortably at Night with a Large Body Warmer

Things can get out of hand at night when we start shaking from the cold. This is nature’s warning alarm that our body temperature is becoming subnormal. Worse still, this drains our precious bodily energy so we get cooler still. If this were to happen, it’s essential not to fall asleep. We have to stand up and exercise until the moment passes.

Alternatively, we can tuck into our sleeping bags with as much clothing on as possible, provided it is dry that is. This seldom happens when hiking through the snow in winter. The workaround is having a supply of adhesive body warmers in our backpack. Our THIRD TIP for selecting the best hunting gear should keep you nice and warm at night. But there are other precautions you need to take.

Have a Plan Where You Are Going and Tell Someone

Nature can spring surprises on us when we are out in it. An avalanche could block our path. A rock could snag a rope when abseiling. It is always best to hunt in the company of two others. Then there is one person to go for help if necessary, while the other stays behind as the company.

The best hunting gear of all includes a fully charged phone in your backpack, at least one working flashlight, and a compass or GPS. If you are unable to walk out and someone knows the trail you likely followed, these will help you geolocate your position, and beam your rescuers in. Taking these precautions does not mean you are a softy. It means you remain in charge.

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