Bowhunting Pack Essentials

Bowhunting Pack Essentials

Have you ever seen a buddy bring out a tool from their bag that you had never thought to bring with you on a hunting trip? We've all had it happen. So we've decided to create a list of the bare essentials that you cannot do without on your hunting escapades. 

1. Spare fuel, petrol or diesel in your vehicle in case you ever run out of gas while on a trip. For those of you camping out for long periods of time and carrying electrical appliances, it's smart to keep a back up generator. 

2. A torch light- If a wild animal confronts you and your firearm is not loaded or you do not have time to load, the high beam of a torch light is your next best tool. Simply flash the light into the eyes of the animal and it will freeze for a short while, earning you at least a minute to load/reload/ or pull out your rifle. 

3. First Aid Kit: Always carry a first aid kit in case of emergency. I like to carry Quick Clot or CHITO-Sam with me at all times in case of a gun shot wound. 

4. Bow Maintenance- Maintenance is key to having a successful hunt. Wrapping your bow twice and carrying extra cotton, sponge, cushion or even socks to fill the free space inside your bow case can stop it from moving around and getting damaged during transit.

5. Head Lamps- A head lamp can be very handy when hunting from a treestand or even on foot. Trees can create shade and a head lamp can help you find things faster. 

15. Wool Socks- Any heat you can get is great. While we're on the subject, hand warmers should be carried at all times too. 

16. Range Finder (with GPS & compass)- You do not want to get lost. 

Of course this is our own personal list; many have created more thorough lists with their own favorite products, tools and other gear to carry. 

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  • Caroline Mayou
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