5 Tips on How to Stay Warm During Cold Weather Camping

5 Tips on How to Stay Warm During Cold Weather Camping

How to Stay Warm while Cold Weather Camping

There is no better way to mix up the winter routine than by going camping. You can hike through the pines and experience the pleasures of the mountains, snow, and a little adventure. That said after a long time in the cold, even the heartiest people can start to shiver. No worries, just follow these easy cold weather camping tips and you’ll be toasty and warm no matter how low the thermometer drops!

1) Understand the Temperature

Forty degrees and fifteen degrees are both examples of cold temperature, but they mean different things. When you are hiking around and carrying a fairly heavy bag, you will naturally warm up, but once you are more relaxed that’s when you will start to feel cold. Make sure your outdoor gear is rated for the right temperature. Check the forecast and plan for cold weather camping accordingly.

2) Heated Gloves

It depends on where you go, but winter is usually associated with snow. It might be quite beautiful, but if you are hiking you are likely to get some in and on your gloves, making you stuck with cold water inside them for possibly days. Instead, get a couple pairs of heated gloves, not only will your fingers be warmer, but the gloves will dry faster as well.

3) Warm Toes

The secret to being warm during cold weather camping is keeping your extremities warm. What happens generally is that people are wearing enough clothes in the center, but their gloves and shoes are not waterproof and not insulated enough against the weather. Improve your comfort and stay warmer by going for heated footbeds as wells as socks. Not only will your toes feel warmer, but so will the rest of you too!

4) Eat Late

The usual advice is the opposite. At home, we are told to not eat unless it is more than two hours before bed. But your body needs extra fuel to be able to prepare you for the cold. It can be difficult to eat healthy while camping. A hot, fatty meal that is packed with carbohydrates and proteins is just what you need and it will be like you have your own internal furnaces.

5) More Layers Outside

Most of us know about layering basics in the cold. It helps keeps us warm and gives us the flexibility to have enough clothing for sedentary activities like having a snack or taking one off while you are climbing. But adding extra layers to your outside is how you deal with the real cold.

One of those thin metallic survival blankets is great to wrap around your sleeping back. Likewise, anything you can add outside your tent will make it warmer on the inside.

Stay Warm, Stay Dry

Nothing beats the exhilarating thrill of cold weather camping. It is a great opportunity to get out of doors and enjoy the world around you. Just be sure to follow the easy tips and you’ll be warm enough to even camp all winter!


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