Hunting Pet Peeves

Hunting Pet Peeves

We’ve all been there, out in the depths of nature hunting for trophies or meat in the freezer. So much work and effort goes into the preparation of these hunts so that when the time is right everything is perfect.  You’re countless hours of work are about to pay off right? Wrong, well just a little bit. Every hunter has a pet peeve and here are just a few that seem to find their way into every hunt somehow


Be it deer or be it any other hunt you are on during the stretch and transition from summer to fall you dread going out because of those pesky buzzing insects that steal your joy of hunting by sticking close to your ears and emitting such a shrieking, annoying sound so close to you. Mosquitoes can drive you insane sometimes, and in no way are they beneficial to your hunt.

(Insert bug killer and repellent here) offers the best mosquito population and other pesky insect population control in the woods. This       odorless spray saves every swat or swipe you may encounter against mosquitoes in the woods!


It is no surprise that squirrels make it on the list. We have all had those moments as hunters, when the crunch of leaves behind your stand gives you this nervous feeling as if that monster you have been hunting all year is right behind you. You wait and you wait, thinking, should I take the chance to turn my head and see if this is a deer, or stay still?  Most likely you give in and turn your head slowly, only to have a squirrel staring right back at you and scurrying away and jumping up into a tree. Squirrels are a top pet peeve in my opinion because they always seem to find a way to sound like a deer, and ultimately drive me crazy.

Cold Feet... Cold In General

It’s 6 in the morning, you’ve just sat down in your stand, and if you are anything like me, the work to get to your stand heated your body like never before. Within 20 minutes, it feels like you’ve placed your stand in Antarctica, and you don’t know how you will be able to sit in the stand for the rest of the day. For days like these which is most days during the winter in NC try (insert foot warmer here) this revolutionary insole has the ability to keep your feet warm all day and then some. I have a saying that once my feet are cold, the rest of my body might as well be frozen, and if I can keep my feet warm I will make it through the whole day.

Itchy Body

There seems to be no fix for this pet peeve, although I hope one day there will be, an itchy body. You know when you are trying to sit still and minimize your movement, but that mosquito bite from early has taken control of your mind with the constant reminder its there and it wants to be scratched. You know you should just wait it out and let the itch go away but it wont escape your mind, so you give in and 5 out 10 times something gets spooked and puts a damper on your hunt. 

All in all deer hunting is filled with fun times and great moments and memories. You’ll have awesome days, but on a few occasions hunting can be a pain in the rear, never give up the hunt, and always hold true to who you are. Pet peeves are in our daily lives, and only a few are in hunting.

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  • Caroline Mayou
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