Oklahoma Hunting Seasons - Limits and Regulations

Oklahoma Hunting Seasons - Limits and Regulations

About the Oklahoma Hunting Seasons

There’s no better time of year than hunting season in Oklahoma. But before you grab your gear and head out into the wilderness, you better check your dates first. The game you are interested in and the time of year will determine whether it’s legal or not for you to go after it. So read our short guide to the proper information about the different Oklahoma hunting seasons. This way you never have to worry about getting into trouble and can always be proud to show off your trophy catch.



You will need some of them, especially in certain areas. It really depends on the type of hunting you plan on doing. Before you do anything, head to your local Fish and Wildlife Office and apply online for your permit. There’s a wide range of permits available for whatever kind of game you're trying to catch and all kinds of discounts for students, seniors, veterans and so on.

There is also a combined a hunting and fishing license which is more than worth it so you only have to do your paperwork once a year and assuring you are covered! Not only that, it is cheaper than the individual licenses so you get a discount on both!


Deer and Big Game

If you looking into a bigger catch then you have a pretty narrow window. Essentially for any larger animals that range from deer to bears and even elk, late November is a general time. You can go after antelope in October, but be sure to check explicitly for mountain lions. Both of these months are short months that go by quickly. Remember to learn some tactics so you can succeed in hunting winter buck. In addition, year to year the regulations change so it’s worth calling the local office before you try to tangle with one of them.


The Right Equipment

When you are filing for your permit make sure you check to be sure your gun is licensed. Most rifles purchased within the state should be fine, but be sure to double check. You definitely don’t want to be slapped with a random fine just because you didn't have a muzzleloader or used incorrect ammunition.

Most of the hunting seasons are also during chillier times of the year. Make sure you have the right items to keep you warm. If you want to be able to sit out there and stalk your prey then throw some hand warmers and boot warmers in your bag so you can be prepared for whatever mother nature throws your way!


Getting the Most of Hunting Season

Hunting season is the best time of year. Just remember there isn’t one but many Oklahoma hunting seasons. So check out the Oklahoma hunting regulations, apply for the right permits and get yourself ready for some incredible fun!


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