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Removing The Smell Of Fish From Your Hands

Removing The Smell Of Fish From Your Hands 0

How Do You Remove The Smell of Fish From Your Hands?

Preparing food in the kitchen regularly includes taking care of fixings that have a solid, sometimes pungent scent. Foods like garlic, onion, and fish have flexible culinary potential, yet can give your hands an odor that waits long after you've completed your meal, to go away. The exacerbates that are responsible for the odor, can't generally be washed away with just any cleanser or water. So we're here today to share some of our favorite remedies with you so that you too, can remove the smell of fish from your hands. 

1. First, it's best to attempt to take out the odor by washing with soap and water. It's the first step, no matter which step you'll take afterwards. Continuously utilize cool water for this, as hot water can enlarge your skin's pores and let the scent in- which brings about oils and dirt. In the event that dish washing soap and water doesn't expel the smell, proceed (this will be most of you). 

2. Cut lemon into pieces. Squeeze each lemon wedge into your hand in an effort to cover them in the juice. Rinse your hands with cold water, and dry off with a paper towel. If this doesn't work, you're working with quite the smell, but let's proceed. You can also let your hands saturate for ten minutes in warmer water and lemon juice.

3. Vinegar! Rub vinegar on your hands and then wash them once more with dish washing soap.You can also grab steel wool if you have some laying around, and carefully rub your hands with it. This will remove the dead skin particles from your hands, which could be trapping the smell. The stainless steel is made from parts of chromium which bonds with the sulfur in garlic!

4. If none of these choices seem to work for you, we recommend 'Defishing Soap'. Defishing is perfect for getting the smell of fish off of your hands after cooking, or for the avid fisherman. Defishing soap is instantly effective on fish, cut bait, stink bait and chum and won't leave a lingering scent. The formula lifts odors completely while remaining gentle on the skin so that you no longer have to smell like fish. Did we mention it's 100% biodegradable and river, lake, ocean and reef safe?


- Wearing gloves while working with scented fixings will avoid lingering smells on your hands. You can likewise buy particular tools intended to peel and cut fixings like garlic that don't require any hand contact.

- Defishing Soap comes in sample sizes that stay good for up to three uses. When out and about or when taking the boat out for the day, keep a packet of it in your glove box. You can also keep a bit of hand sanitizer within reach for other aggravating smells.

- Remember that hand sanitizer can get rid of a smell, but it can also make it worse. 


- Take note that salt, lemon juice, and alcoholic mouthwash and sanitizer can all chafe cuts and wounds. Please find another option if your skin is cut or generally bothered.