De-Fishing Soap 0.5oz Pocket Pack (10 Pocket Packs)

Product Description

- 10 pack bundle: 2-4 uses per 5ml pack

- "Take Anywhere" size

- Ideal for pocket, purse or car

- Proudly crafted in the USA

- 100% safe & biodegradable

De-Fishing Soap Is The Original Cleaner Specially Formulated To Lift Odors From Hands And Surfaces.

De-Fishing Soap does not mask odors, it completely eliminates them. Just lather up, scrub (warm water and scrub brush is best), rinse, and repeat. Our soap is all-natural and completely biodegradable. Rinsing in the lake or stream isn’t going to hurt a thing!

  • Low Ph value and is very gentle on hands
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Instantly effective on all odors
  • Guaranteed to REMOVE the worst of stink
  • Lake, river & ocean safe
  • No synthetic deodorizers
  • Made with essential oils

We Can Proudly Say That De-Fishing Soap Works Like No Other Product Available.

It is made in the USA with all natural products. Included in our unique formulation is Star Anise, which is a known fish attractant, and Tea Tree Oil, which has long been used to treat cuts, burns, and infections.

Removes Odors in Many Situations:

  • FISHING: Removes fishy smell from hands with one wash – Guaranteed!
  • COOKING: Instantly eliminates garlic and onion smell from your hands!
  • CAMPING: Perfect for washing up in nature without hurting the environment.
  • HOUSEHOLD: Smelly carpet, pet stains, foul garbage disposals.
  • SMOKING: Eliminates that smoke smell – even from the strongest cigars.
  • CLOTHING: A pre-soak with our soap works MIRACLES on your gym clothes.

Fish Stink, You Don't Have To ™


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