StayWarm Heated Facemask

Product Description
Great for motorcycles, skiing, shoveling snow, or just taking a stroll out in the cold air, the StayWarm Fleece Face Mask will keep your face protected while outdoors. Two pockets are sewn over the ears, designed to hold warmers. Each StayWarm Warmer provides up to ten hours of quality heat. The secured adjustable Velcro attachment strap in the back makes it easy to put on and take off. The lightweight fabric and nose and mouth cutouts make for a practical ventilation system that will keep you breathing easily and keep the condensation from your breath from freezing over. The mask is soft and flexible making it viable to pair with other gear and/or glasses. The Face Mask is perfect for anyone needing extra warmth and protection against snow, dashing wind and sun in the Winter.
Mossy Oak
$ 12.95 $ 14.50

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