Relieving Growing Pains With Warmers

Relieving Growing Pains With Warmers
Relieving Growing PainsI remember when I was in 1st and 2nd grade I would get growing pains in my legs. The throbbing was so painful that it would wake me up at night. I remember one night waking up in such pain I went to the Kitchen and sat in the sink and washed my legs with hot water to relieve the throbbing pain. 

I now have 2 children who both have suffered from growing pains in the knees and legs. My wife had the great idea to give them Heat Factory Hand Warmers.

Hand Warmers for growing painsSo now when our kids complain about soreness in the legs we simple open a pair of hand warmers or body warmers. The warmers put off a constant heat, but are totally safe and non toxic. When I first gave the kids the warmers I doubted that it would work. But it worked like a charm; its nice because the child can hold the warmer and place it where heat is needed.

growing pains in kneesMy son was having a major pain in his knees and I felt so bad because of his pain and tears. He asked me, "Dad can you get me warmers please, my knees hurt so bad". It takes about five minutes for the warmers to get warm and the heat is enough to sooth his pain. He places the hand warmers in between his knees and within minutes he is stops crying. 

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  • Caroline Mayou
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