Top Camping Gear for the Outdoorsman

Top Camping Gear for the Outdoorsman

Finding the Perfect Camping Gear

It’s cold outside so let’s spare a thought for our outdoorsman in the woods somewhere with mountains of snow around. The National Park rule is ‘leave no trace’ so we’ll bypass the inflatable couch and deluxe camping cookware set. In order to make the trip enjoyable and fun, we suggest during your stay to be prepared. First, we have to keep our person warm and we are going to start with boots.

Our All-Time Favorite Outdoorsman Camping Gear

  • You can have the fanciest pair of boots but still get blisters from the outside cold. Folks with regular jobs don’t have feet tanned like an Apache warrior. They need heated wader socks and heated insoles so they never get frozen toes from cheap camping gear.

  • Next up, they are going to need a warm down jacket with a water repellent exterior, so they don’t feel left out in the cold while they’re hiking into the wood cabin. Hint: Choose camping accessories in bright colors so rescue finds them easily. Just in case, because you never know.

  • Their hands are going to take a hammering too, since only the foolhardy hike with their hands in pockets. They need their hands-free to use a hiking pole while they swat away persistent insects. Papa’s Warehouse sells the best warmer wearables. Check out their camping gear solutions here.

  • Okay, so we got the basics. What’s up next on the camping gear shopping list? Well, with all those zippers, one is bound to get stuck. Working a half-frozen zipper loose in mittens could cause them to use some colorful words you may not like. So play it with safe by adding a reliable folding multi-tool to their camping gear. Hint: Lube the joints lightly with machine oil so the tools open easier.

  • The best toolkit in the world won’t help much when you’re lost in the wild and can’t figure your way back to the campsite. Add a compact GPS locator to their camping gear. Hint: Put it right next to a nip of brandy in a lightweight aluminum flask so they know where to find it when they need it.

  • A compact notebook in a waterproof zipper with two pens inside is an essential accessory for any outdoorsman so they can note where they hiked and add it to their Facebook. Leave a note on the front cover telling how much you appreciate them. You might even get an answer when they return!

Finally, don’t forget to include a fire starter and a water purifier for your camping gear gift. That just about completes our list of top camping gear for the outdoorsman. But wait, before you go we have one more suggestion left. If you’re lost for ideas, how about visiting our Hunter’s Corner to discover what life is like in the real outdoors. Browse a little longer and you are bound to stumble over something just right for your camping gear.

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