Composting Warmers: The Gardener's Dream Soil

Composting Warmers: The Gardener's Dream Soil

Gardening is an art that can also bring us the satisfaction of protecting our environment on a personal level. Every serious gardener shares the same obstacle- creating the perfect soil. And today, we're going to share the four main ingredients that can make the gardener's dream soil. They are as follows:

- Coconut Fiber/ Saw Dust: A byproduct having no alternative use than enriching anything it gets its little molecules on makes this a viable and inexpensive nutrient for the soil. Both coconut soil and sawdust help to correct soil erosion and promote health in all types of plants. 

-  Sand and Regular Garden Soil: As much as people hate sand, it helps in structuring the soil, making it more water retentive and allowing for plants to create stronger roots.

- Vegetable Peel/Fruit Peel/ Leaves/ Animal Waste/Etc.: The role of these is to provide inexpensive, yet powerful nutrients to enrich the soil with powerful minerals. This is a natural substitute for fertilizer which is expensive and can cause damage to the environment in the long run. 

- Worms For Vermi Compost: Worms can help the soil in two ways. First, they eat dead leaves and pass their waste in the soil thereby enriching the soil. Their movements in the soil develop air pockets which allows plants to breathe. 

Layering these four ingredients is essential and the most important part of the recipe. Worms play a major role when they feed on the organic waste as this is what leaves nutrient rich soil as an end product.

Vermiculite is an alternative to the coconut fiber/ saw dust where the purpose of both is to improve water retention capacity and aeration of the soil. Vermiculite looks like mica but it is also a mineral that can be found in mines in different parts of the world. It contains a group of minerals called aluminium-iron-magnesium silicate. 

Hand warmers (yes, the small disposable packs that warm your hands) product are a fantastic resource for your garden. Hand warmers can be used during Winter to carry out gardening work and to protect gardeners and farmers from the excessive cold. Hand warmers contain a chemical mixture of ingredients that product heat through an exothermic reaction when exposed to oxygen. The chemical composition of a warmer in layman's terms  is iron, vermiculite, activated carbon, cellulose and salt. 

Heat Factory hand warmers have no toxic chemicals labeled in them, which makes its ingredients combined with the organic compost a perfect way to enrich soil with minerals.

Perhaps, disposing non-toxic warmers into compost is a green idea rather than throwing them in the trash that eventually goes into a landfill. Dig up your soil and set the ingredients underneath it, to let it decompose in the long-run. Using hand warmers in your compost is cost-effective, and you'll have warmth and nutrients all year round. 

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  • Caroline Mayou
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